Report: PGA Tour golfer's wife arrested after argument over poor play

911 TRANSCRIPT, AUDIO: Glover heard telling operator his wife is 'crazy'

The wife of PGA Tour star Lucas Glover was arrested Saturday for domestic violence after she was upset over his poor performance, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

Police say Krista Glover, 36, intentionally attacked and injured another person at a home on Marsh Hawk Place in Ponte Vedra Beach. Glover Tweeted Tuesday that an incident did occur.

According to a St. Johns County Sheriff's Report, Krista Glover told deputies, "When the [PGA] Tour hears about this, you will lose your job. Wait til I talk to the judge ... you will be (bleeping) fired."

Glover is the wife of 2009 U.S. Open champion Lucas Glover. Glover played last week in THE PLAYERS Championship, but he missed the secondary cut after shooting 78 and didn't play in the final round.

According to the St. Johns County report, Glover told deputies his wife gets angry when he plays poorly in a tournament. Krista Glover called him a "loser," the report said, after drinking all day. The argument happened in front of the couple's two children, the arrest report said.

Lucas Glover did not want his wife arrested, the report said, and added that his wife often threatens to leave him and take the kids when he does not play well. Glover has three career wins and over $20 million in winnings but has struggled in 2018, with only one top-10 finish.

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Krista Glover's arrest report states she caused multiple lacerations to a single victim. Krista Glover starts an altercation every time Lucas Glover plays poorly, the arrest report said, and he's tired of all the altercations, the report said.

Upon her arrest, St. Johns County deputies say Krista Glover forcefully tried to separate herself from the arresting deputy and refused to be placed into a patrol car.

Once Glover was in the car, deputies say she screamed and kicked the rear driver's side door, causing it to separate from the cell of the door frame. Later, she complained that the handcuffs were too tight, the report said.

Glover spent the night in the St. Johns County Jail and was released on $2,500 bond on Sunday.

Lucas Glover is not entered in this week's AT&T Byron Nelson PGA TOUR event in Texas.