Potential threat to 'poison stray cats' terrifies Southside neighbors

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A letter threatening to poison stray cats this weekend. That's what neighbors living at Monterey Condominiums found on their doorsteps Thursday night and now they're terrified to let any pet out of their sight.

"It's very scary, this is very intimidating, this is not normal," exclaims one concerned neighbor.

This letter that was plastered all over the complex is terrifying neighbors. It reads in part, "I will be distributing poison for these stray cats starting this weekend," the concerned neighbor said.

"Who is this person that they think they can just decide for a community what is going to happen in their lives?" 
They tell Action News Jax the scariest part is not knowing what's going to happen.

Lilly Los, a Monterey resident exclaims, "What if someone does that and there's dead animals lying around like I can't even believe that somebody made that."

In hopes of finding the person who wrote the letter, Monterey Management has already contacted police, as well as animal control, and they're searching through security footage right now.


"I'm definitely keeping my cat inside tonight and for the next couple weeks. I don't know, that's just disturbing."

And even though the letter seems to only be targeting the stray cats that neighbors say come and go, it's not giving peace of mind to anyone.

"It sounds like they just don't want roaming cats, OK, well that doesn't require killing does it? I don't think so I really don't."

And while investigators work to find out who did this, management is asking everyone to be on high alert and cautious for all animals.

Los adds: "I've never heard of anything, anyone like this. We've never had an animal complaint like that ever."

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