• Pro-marijuana company called ‘Dr. Green Relief' wants to open in Jacksonville

    By: Action News Jax


    A company that claims it can help qualified patients obtain a Florida medical marijuana card is looking to open an office in Jacksonville.

    A company called Dr. Green Relief is hoping to set up shop in the Aetna building downtown. What will they do for medical marijuana patients?

    That part is still hazy.

    Florida lawmakers are working on new medical marijuana rules ahead of the legislative session in March, and one lawmaker is concerned about the intentions of the company 

    State Senator Rob Bradley (R-Fleming Island) has helped guide the state's medical marijuana laws during the 2014 and 2016 legislative sessions. Under the new law, doctors must treat patients for at least 90 days before being able to enter orders for any type of cannabis treatment.

    Action News Jax showed Sen. Bradley the Facebook page for Dr. Green Relief.

    "We've been told by the voters this is medicine [and we need] to treat it as such," Bradley said. "[We] need to regulate it as such as well. We [need] to move forward to do it in a responsible manner."

    Action News Jax called the corporate number for Dr. Green Relief and left a message. The company claims it can help people obtain a medical marijuana card but are delaying certifications until lawmakers finalize the program.

    In November, 71 percent of voters approved a Florida constitutional amendment that made it easier to get medical marijuana. 

    Health officials have until July 3 to finalize regulations to implement the constitutional change. 

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