Purple fence causing commotion in Mandarin neighborhood

A fence is dividing a neighborhood and not just because of where it’s placed. It's the color that’s making people red with anger.

Visitors to the Hammock Oaks neighborhood have probably seen the bright purple fence. The specific paint color is called "Mighty Aphrodite" and it was painted a few weeks ago. Around the corner on the wooden part of the fence, it's painted an even more colorful yellow. Neighbors say they want it gone.

"He shouldn't have the right just go on there and paint it any color he wants to," said neighbor Don Cox.

It's a battle over hues, one Joseph Allen claims he was threatened by a neighbor over.

"He said ‘you're going to bleeping regret this. I'm going to make sure of it,’" Allen said.

Cox said that isn't true.

"All he did was come up here and try to talk some sense into him," Cox said.

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Allen and his family moved into this home in the 1990s. He said there isn't a homeowner's association and the wall is technically on his property. When neighbors tried to beautify the corner, he decided to take it from this standard brick color to the purple “Mighty Aphrodite.”

"Not really happy about it to be perfectly honest with you," said neighbor Alex Olmos.

Other neighbors say they're disgusted by the fence, it takes away from the area and it has no place there. Allen believes complaints are because they have it in for him.

"You've had your say. I've had my say. You've had your say. I just think it needs to be -- OK, I know you don't like me living in the neighborhood. Been aware of it since Day 1. Let's just move on," said Allen.

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