Report: Clay County man buys 24 Krystal burgers, stabs brother

Logan Cassity

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A Clay County man is accused of stabbing his own brother in the back over a Krystal hamburger.

Logan Cassity is charged with domestic aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The police report describes Cassity as “intentionally stabbing the victim in the back against his will, causing great bodily harm.”

Action News Jax spoke to the victim, Christian Cassity, who refused to elaborate on the attack.

“That’s between me and my brother,” Christian said. “It should have never of gone that far. It was over stupid crap, but i don’t want to talk about it.

"We have enough on our plates now that he’s in prison.”

Investigators found blood on the wall and throughout the Cassity house. Christian said he hasn’t seen his brother since the incident.

“I wasn’t even able to get up to go to his hearing,” Cassity said.

Employees at the Krystal restaurant on Blanding Blvd. said they remember the suspect coming into the store and ordering 24 hamburgers. They said his behavior was “off,” and for some time, he was pacing in front of the restaurant.

Christian Cassity said he is doing all right and is on the verge of returning to work.

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