Report: Jacksonville teen, man try to steal safe, put it in Mini Cooper


Two individuals were caught trying to return a safe they'd stolen and transported in a Mini Cooper.

JSO says Austin Hayner, 20, and Marcus Roberson, 18, went to a Jacksonville home looking for pot -- and ran across a safe. They reportedly left the home with the safe propped up in the passenger seat of a blue Mini Cooper.

Neighbors witnessed the theft and notified the homeowner's sons, who eventually pulled Roberson and Hayner over and detained them until police arrived. At least one of the accused thieves had items from the safe on him.

The homeowner, Larry Starratt, wasn't at home because he is in the Duval County Jail on drug charges. Starratt's home was targeted because Hayner and Roberson knew he was in jail, JSO said.

Photos showed Roberson's hands tied behind his back with the Mini Cooper -- and the safe -- in the background.