Report: St. Johns County woman arrested for DUI while picking up grandkids

Dianne Wrigley

A St. Johns County woman was jailed on DUI charges after a concerned church member called police on her as she arrived to pick up her grandkids, a police report said.

The St. Johns County Sheriff's Office said Dianne Wrigley, 48, was confrontational and called the arresting deputy a "[expletive] a-hole" when he tried to question her. Wrigley told deputies she had been drinking at a work Christmas party and couldn't be arrested because she wasn't driving, the report said.

The incident happened on Dec. 14 at the Anastatsia Baptist Church on A1A while Wrigley was sitting in her 1992 Buick, authorities said.

Wrigley took two breath tests; on one test, she blew a 0.148 -- nearly twice the legal limit in Florida -- and a 0.137 on the second. She tried to do a field sobriety test but thought that she was required to count to 10,000, and that was too much for "an old woman to do," the report said.

Wrigley was angry when asked by deputies not to smoke a cigarette before her field sobriety test, deputies said.

A female deputy was called to the scene to assist, but Wrigley was verbally abusive to that deputy as well, the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office said.

Wrigley was released on $2,500 bond after spending the night in jail.