Residents have mixed feelings about growth in downtown Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A study released by Downtown Vision show recent projects in downtown Jacksonville are turning potential into action

Jake Gordon, the CEO of Downtown Vision, says every year the group tracks the growth in downtown Jacksonville to determine whether the area is getting worse or staying the same.



“There is a billion dollars of construction right now happening in downtown,” Gordon explained.

Some people who live in the area feel there isn’t much growth.

“I believe it’s stagnant. It’s not too much growth,” Rose-Mary Bland said.

“Now we lose welcome to Rockville,” added Charlie Voigte.

In 2014, around 4,000 people called downtown Jacksonville home.

The number of people living there doubled in 2016 but by 2018 more than 3,000 people had moved out of the area.

The city is hoping to get those people back and more apartments like the Barnett that will soon open.


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Some people say to live downtown they need healthier food options, and better parking and entertainment.

“Hurricane Irma came through and they never fixed the docks, so it was a matter time before that went out. We’re losing the landing next month,” Voigte added.

“Although there is not enough shopping to do Downtown, it’s possible they can provide grocery stores or health food stores,” said Bland.

The CEO of Downtown Vision believe it’s possible to do that if more people spend their money in the downtown area.