• Search for suspected slumber party shooter continues in Brunswick

    By: Alyana Gomez


    BRUNSWICK, Ga. - BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- Police in Brunswick and across Glynn County are on alert.

    Kevin Daniels has been on the run for almost 24 hours and so far, police have been one step behind him every time.

    Their search began after police were called to a Palatka home for a shooting at a child’s slumber party. Investigators said Daniels broke into the home, opened fire, killed 34-year-old Raymond Perry and nearly shot his own wife Alzetta Esau. Eight children were sleeping but one was awake and witnessed it all.

    "It really devastated my 10-year-old granddaughter. She saw everything," said Alfred Esau, Alzetta Esau's father.

    According to court documents Action News obtained, Esau filed a protection order against her estranged husband in February. He violated that order when he reportedly followed her home in March.

    "This would have never happened if they would have arrested him," said Lekenya Williams, Esau's sister.

    A new tip led investigators to believe Daniels had crossed state lines to the home of a family or friend in Brunswick, Georgia.

    "They went out looking this morning, they didn’t find him but they did verify that he was here and we are currently looking for him," said Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering.

    Because Interstate 95 runs through the middle of town, Glynn County police can’t determine if he was just passing through or if he’s still in hiding. They said he’s still armed and unpredictable.

    In those court documents, Daniels has been known to have mental health issues that he was given medication for, but his wife had reason to believe he stopped taking that medication several months ago.

    Daniels has a lengthy criminal history, which includes 19 felony charges and five felony convictions.

    If you see him, call police immediately.

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