Jacksonville's Dames Point Bridge cleared after semi dangled over side for more than 4 hours

5:30 p.m. update: FHP says northbound lanes of the Dames Point Bridge have reopened after a 4-car crash left a semi truck dangling off the side of the bridge.

UPDATE Friday 4:12 p.m. -  The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating a crash that left a semi truck dangling off the side of the Dames Point Bridge Friday.

FHP said a tow truck was disabled and slowing to a stop on the right shoulder of the northbound lanes when it was rear-ended by a black pickup truck, that tried but was unable to avoid the tow truck.

The crash caused both trucks to spin out into traffic, according to an FHP report.

The black pickup truck then hit a red sedan, according to FHP.

The semi truck driver attempted to avoid hitting the cars and swerved to the right, according to FHP spokesman Dylan Bryan. The red sedan and the semi truck hit the black pickup truck. Then, the semi truck hit the concrete barrier wall on the outside shoulder of the Dames Point Bridge and the trailer of the semi truck fell into the water below the bridge, according to the FHP report.

"Once I got stopped and saw the pictures, my heart was just...broken. I couldn't imagine that happening within 10 minutes of me crossing the bridge," Tammy Brown said.

She told Action News Jax Courtney Cole she was taking a friend to the airport on Friday when the crash happened.

"Traffic was normal as any other day and then on the way back traffic was normal," Brown said.

But as Brown started making her way back home, she said she started receiving messages on her phone about what happened.

"It's just heartbreaking to know people's lives are changed right now because of this horrible accident," Brown said.

Brown said she's never seen anything like tihs up close, let alone in her backyard.

"I think it really breaks your heart even more knowing that...this is not something you're seeing on movies or TV, this is something you're really seeing in real life now...and knowing a tragic accident can happen in just a split minute," said Brown.

Steven Campbell, another neighbor who lives near the bridge, told Action News Jax Courtney Cole he’d never seen anything like this before.

“It's crazy. Like something you see on TV--but it's right here in my back yard,” said Brown.

Bryan said there was only cosmetic damage to the bridge and that the Florida Department of Transportation got to the scene quickly to make retaining wall repairs.

FHP said the bridge is safe for vehicular travel.

During the investigation and clean-up of the crash, cars in the closed northbound lanes were able to turn around and go back over the bridge and take an alternate route to their destinations, according to FHP.

Bryan said a few other semi trucks stuck in the traffic were unable to turn around. They were parked at the top of the bridge until the lanes reopened.

Troopers said the semi truck involved in the crash was carrying bottled water. The trailer is still in the water below the bridge. A barge is coming in the next few days to remove the trailer, according to FHP.

Bryan said there were only minor injuries reported in the crash and everyone is expected to be OK.

ORIGINAL - A semi truck is dangling off the Dames Point Bridge.

Fire rescue is on the scene. It is unclear at this time if anyone is currently in the truck. The Florida Highway Patrol in reporting that there are injuries in this crash.

All northbound lanes of the Dames Point Bridge are closed.

A spokesperson with the Coast Guard confirms only the trailer of the semi truck is in the water. The Coast Guard said the driver is OK and that is on the bridge.

The Coast Guard said the trailer is in 3 to 4 feet of non-navigable water, meaning it is not in the way of other vessels and no one is in danger of being hit.

The Coast Guard said a pollution responder was sent to check for pollution.

The Florida Department of Transportation confirms it sent inspectors to examine the bridge. According to FDOT, it's routine to send inspectors anytime an incident occurs that might impact a road or bridge.

LIVE: Vehicle dangling off Dames Point Bridge

LIVE: Vehicle dangling off Dames Point Bridge https://bit.ly/2PTl1ub

Posted by Action News Jax on Friday, December 21, 2018