Several Florida cities use St. Augustine's panhandling ordinance as model

Several Florida cities are looking to St. Augustine as a model for how to deal with panhandling problems.

In March, city commissioners unanimously passed a panhandling ordinance.

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The law prohibits panhandling within 20 feet of commercial establishments and 50 feet of schools and day cares.

Mayor Nancy Shaver says the law has been so effective cities like Daytona Beach have decided to use it as a model for their own ordinances.

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Some store employees on St. George Street say it's only shifted the problem to more concentrated areas of the city.

“Yes, it's improved as far as many people, but the people here now are more aggressive," Lisa McGarah said.

Shaver believes homelessness is one of the largest issues facing the city.

The mayor said she would like more affordable housing for people as they get back on their feet.

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