• Sharrows -- shared lanes for bikes and cars -- coming to St. Augustine

    By: Brittany Jones


    ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - The city of St. Augustine is now adding additional traffic-control features along the roadway. After two-and-a-half years in the works, bikers can now take to the roadways with cars on San Marco Avenue in St. Augustine.

    “They are being used and drivers are more aware and I think acknowledging that that's where a cyclist belongs,” said Heather Neville, executive director of Velo Fest, a local bicycle advocacy organization.

    Neville said the "sharrows" will increase awareness to drivers that cyclists have the right to be on the road. A sharrow is a shared lane between cars and bikes, which are typically on roads where there isn't enough space for a car to pass.

    "Anything that gives us an alternative to help keep us safe and keep from breaking the law I appreciate," said biker Julia Jones.

    Jones thinks it's a good idea, but a little scary because of the congested area.

    "I think it will and it'll increase ridership for the bike riders. People aren't paying attention like they used to so I'd be very nervous about it going across,” said Jones.

    But Neville said the Florida Department of Transportation's plan has been successful along the Bridge of Lions thus far. The City Commission agreed to add sharrows between West Castillo Drive and May Street last year.

    She said drivers and cyclists will both need to keep watch for each other.

    “It's really up to all of us to be good road users and acknowledge that we all belong there and have to work together,” Neville said.

    The sharrows are expected to be painted along this road by October.  

    Neville said she hopes they'll be installed no later than the Florida-Georgia game in late October.

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