St. Augustine dog deemed unadoptable set to be first deaf K-9 in Washington state

A local dog, that is deaf and was on the verge of being put down, now has a new life with a big purpose. Ghost was rescued by Swamp Haven Rescue in St. Augustine before he could be euthanized.

The founders of the rescue knew he had some challenges, but wanted to save his life.

The rescue's founder Lindsey Kelley said she had a friend who works with deaf dogs in Washington state.

Ghost was sent to the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society, and then a law enforcement officer came in looking for a new drug detection dog.

“Susie was like, ‘We got this dog in the back you might want to check out!’” said Kelley.

Ghost turned out to be the perfect fit and is now in training at the Washington Department of Corrections.

“Him being deaf actually works really well for a narcotics dog because the prisoners can’t scare him when he goes to search the bunks and things,” said Kelley.

Kelley said things like this make her job is so fullfilling.

Everyone, even an animal, has potential, she said.

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