St. Augustine man arrested for allegedly supporting ISIS online

ROANOKE, Va. — A St. Augustine man is under arrest in Virginia for allegedly making videos that supported ISIS and showed how to make explosives.

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A criminal complaint filed by an FBI agent alleges that Romeo Langhorne supported ISIS by creating and distributing videos that showed ISIS followers how to "obtain materials for explosives without arousing suspicion and combine those materials to make an explosive sufficient to destroy specific types of targets."

The complaint alleges that Langhorne created videos supporting ISIS from at least February 11, 2019 through Novermber 11, 2019.

It also says Langhorne directed an undercover FBI agent in making a video that gave instructions on making explosives.

Specifically, Langhorne tried to ensure that the videos didn't violate US laws by saying they were for educational purposes only. The videos instructed viewers on the different amounts of explosives required to blow up a car, a room, half a building and a full building.

The affidavit also lists an exchange on Twitter between Langhorne and another user regarding ISIS's destruction of ancient ruins in Palmyra. Langhorne defended the caliphate's actions, tweeting, "I wouldn't say we were evil, just following theocratic doctrine."

"Ixnay on the eeeway," a third Twitter user said to Langhorne, warning him not to use the word "we" when referring to ISIS and therefore identifying himself as a member.

Langhorne also tweeted about calling the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau asking how to acquire a federal high explosives license for recreational purposes.

Langhorne has addresses listed in St. Augustine and Rocky Mount, Virginia. The complaint says Langhorne moved from Florida to Virginia in April.

He is being held at the Western Virginia Regional jail.

According to WFXR, Langhorne has been on law enforcement's radar since 2014 when he posted pro-ISIS images on Facebook and pictures of himself in a red Arab headdress.

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