St. Augustine Publix brawl: Woman says alleged victim attacked her for no reason

Three women are facing charges after a brawl at a St. Augustine Publix.

One of the women involved in a brawl in the parking lot of a St. Augustine Publix is disputing claims that she and her friends attacked a woman.

Brittany Farmer, 22, said she and her friends were at Publix to get subs after a trip to the beach when they were approached by the alleged victim in the attack.

She said the 32-year-old woman she and her friends are accused of beating and another man pulled up near their car.

Farmer said the man and one of her male friends exchanged words about a disagreement over Facebook.

Farmer said her children were sleeping in her car when the woman grabbed her by her hair through the driver's side window and hit her several times.

She and her friend, 19-year-old Dawn Embry, told deputies that the woman attacked Farmer for no reason.

"I wasn't able to get out of the car until Tristin got out and tried to break her off of me," Farmer told Action News Jax.

Tristin Greene, 21, is also charged with battery in the attack.

"When Tristin tried to break her off of me, she then swung on Tristin," Farmer said. "All Tristin did was restrain her from hitting us."

Farmer said the woman ran at her when she got out of the car, and that's when she hit back to defend herself and her girls who were asleep in the backseat.

"A standby person in their vehicle recorded the end of the video and waved the cops down to show them," Farmer said. "It looks bad on me but I wasn't able to press charges because of the ending of that video."

Deputies said Farmer's friends appeared to be intoxicated. They were arrested and charged with battery.

Farmer also faces a battery charge but was not arrested because she had her children with her.

She said she plans to tell the judge the truth in court.

She said of the alleged victim in the attack: (She) stirred up issues with me and my friends when we hadn't done anything wrong. Tristin was not drinking ... Dawn was only standing by when this all happened."

"We are all facing battery charges while (the alleged victim) gets to walk free. All of us who are being called suspects do not have any criminal backgrounds," Farmer said.

The woman says she and her friends were getting Publix subs after a beach day when the alleged victim grabbed her by the hair and started beating her:

Posted by Action News Jax on Thursday, May 18, 2017