St. Johns County School District rezoning plan adds third option

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — St. Johns County is booming and has been for years. Now those numbers are spilling into the classroom.

“It was always going to happen. Schools have been highly rated. It’s A-rated schools, so people move here for their kids, for their schools,” Asa Smith said.

Last month, we showed you the district's Plan A and B rezoning proposals. For the first time, Plan C includes students currently zoned for Hickory Creek Elementary School from the Rivertown development.

Some parents want their kids to stay right where they are.

“We’re in Plan A, which would send us to Aberdeen and I’m just not interested in starting over at a brand-new school and going through all the hiccups that come with that,” one mother explained.

The county has outlined its zoning proposals online and encourages parents to go the district's website and get an in-depth understanding. On the surface, many say they know all they need to know – which is that the educational path they've chosen may no longer be the same.

“The goal of the community, and we have a large group of people that have gotten together and are working together to try and come up with a plan to keep us together, and the board would be approving of,” one mother said.

The school district has held a number of workshops and meetings for parents to give them feedback on the issue.

More information on the latest plan can be viewed by clicking here.