• State to auction off unclaimed property


    ORLANDO, Fla. - In just a few days, an enormous state auction will be held in Orlando to sell off millions of dollars in unclaimed property.

    The property has been sitting behind the doors of a secure vault in Tallahassee. It ranges from emerald necklaces to diamond rings, and rare coins to vintage baseball cards.     

    All of it was left in safe deposit boxes. It's held for two years, then will be sold off.

    "We simply just can't hold onto those items forever. So, we do auction them and that's the purpose for this auction. But, when we do sell the items, we credit the amount to each person's account, and they or their heirs can claim that amount forever,” said Walter Graham of the Bureau of Unclaimed Property.     

    Rightful owners can always come forward and claim their valuables. Nearly $250 million worth of unclaimed money or property was returned last year.

    Find out if you have unclaimed property by clicking here.

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