• SUV stolen from driveway in North Jacksonville

    By: Amber Krycka , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Thieves are targeting a North Jacksonville neighborhood, stealing cars while families sleep. 

    Sheena Daimler’s neighbor’s surveillance camera shows four men pull up in front of her Victoria Lakes driveway about a block away early Tuesday morning.

    The men walk down the road and they can be heard talking about cars. About 20 minutes later, the men are seen driving back in an SUV. They say a few words, and then take off. 

    “And that’s my car there following it, I can tell by the headlights and everything,” Daimler said.  

    That same morning, another neighbor said his gun was stolen from his locked truck. And, a few blocks away, a woman said her locked SUV was taken from her driveway on Thanksgiving morning. 

    She said police found her Durango a week later on the Westside. 

    “So far, up to $4,000 in damage,” she said. 

    According to the woman, police found the suspects on Instagram, posing in front of her SUV. 

    As for Daimler, she spent the day changing locks and adding security cameras. 

    “My car could be used to as an accessory to a crime, I have no idea,” she said. 

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