JSO arrests third suspect in murder of 7-year-old Jacksonville girl

Abrion Price was arrested Thursday in connection to the death of 7-year-old Heydi Rivas Villanueva.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said Price ran when police found him. A JSO K-9 was able to track him down, police said.

The other two suspects in the shooting death, Stanley Harris and Trevonte Phoenix, were jailed on Tuesday.

Action News Jax reporter Russell Colburn spoke with a family friend. She said Heidy's father will finally be able to sleep.

“You guys have no idea. I was excited. I’m so happy that they found the last person that hurt little Heidy. I just talked with the father. He said that he finally feels peace in his heart," the friend said.

Police originally said Price was armed and dangerous.

Twenty-four hours after the vigil honoring the 7-year-old girl, people continued to leave signs, balloons and flowers at the makeshift memorial.

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They are asking for an end to senseless gun violence, and justice for the family.

"We're witnessing the worst that can happen when man doesn't try to do his best and he kills the innocent. We lose the future," said Joseph Jack, who attended the memorial. "She could have been the answer to the gun violence. Now, we’ll never know."

Action News Jax Crime and Safety Expert Ken Jefferson explained that the public becomes the eyes and ears for investigators when a child’s life is lost in a tragedy.

“He may do all kinds of things to disguise himself, but he will get caught,” Jefferson said.

He said tips from the community are pushing the search forward. Citizens have the option to place anonymous tips through First Coast Crime Stoppers.

Action News Jax went to an undisclosed Crime Stoppers call center and learned calls are encrypted and can’t be traced.

Wyllie Hodges, the executive director of the call center, said callers are given a code name. He explained how it works, using the example M3.

"The only way we know them is they call in and they have to remember their code. They say, 'This is M3' and 'Give me the status on my case.' We can look it up by M3," Hodges said.

Each tip could bring Heidy’s family closer to justice. The family sent Action News Jax a statement that reads, in part:

“We are grateful to all the police for giving us help and protection. We appreciate it very much and hope that they will soon hold the next person responsible.”

The community is asking for justice as well. Jacksonville Heights resident Carolyn Thomas said she stands with Heidy’s family through the pain.

“It feels like hot grease being poured on your chest when you lose a child, a baby, and it’s heartbreaking,” Thomas said.

Hodges told Action News Jax that 11 tips about Price have come in. Anyone with information is asked to come forward.