Trump supporter hospitalized after campaign sign fight in Orange Park

A 63-year-old man is in the hospital recovering from surgery after a fight broke out near an Orange Park early voting precinct.

Police responded near the Orange Park Library Thursday evening after the fight happened.

Much of the police report is redacted; however, the available details say that there was a fight between two men after a homemade sign was stolen.

Police say the sign supporting Donald Trump was taken from 63-year-old Norbert "Norb" Logsdon by an unknown male, and when Logsdon chased after him trying to get it back, Logsdon and 23-year-old Edward Curry got into a fight.

We reached out to Logsdon about the incident, however his wife told us that he was recovering from surgery to his wrist at the the hospital.

Police say he fell during the fight and injured his wrist Thursday. After the incident, Logsdon posted on Facebook, saying:

"This Punk grabbed my sign and I chased him to get it back. He was in an SUV on the passenger side and my sign was in the back seat. I demanded he return my sign and he yelled at me to get away from the vehicle. I tried to open the back door and he knocked me on the deck and I broke my left wrist. I'm in Orange Park Medical Center with a possible compound fracture left wrist. The police have the Hillary supporter in cuffs."

Earlier Thursday, Logsdon posted a photo of he and his friend Angela holding signs. In that photo, Logsdon held a sign that said "Veterans for Trump."

Curry was detained after the fight but not arrested. We spoke to him Friday to get his side. He said he was voting at the Orange Park Library with some friends when one of them decided to steal the sign from a man on the sidewalk. Curry said he told his friend not to do it, however his friend did it anyway. Curry said the sign taken from Logsdon said "Clinton's Corrupt." He said a man approached their SUV and tried to open the door. Curry said he got out and that he was punched first.

The Clay County Supervisor of Elections said he's aware this happened but can't comment on it since it did not happen on the property of one of their precincts.

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