Woman receives $10K in repairs for free after Hurricane Matthew

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — Two companies in St. Augustine came together Friday offering thousands of dollars worth of services for free. It all began with one Facebook post.

Adrian Hayden posted on Facebook that he would be willing to dry out a family’s home for free. Hayden owns Florida Professional Services and Repair, and says now is the time to give.

“It’s not all about take, take, take. It's about giving back," Hayden said.

Stephanie Zapalla lost everything in Hurricane Matthew due to flood damage, and like many she has no insurance.

“I was completely in shock when he said 'see you tomorrow at 10:30,'" Zapalla said.

Hayden and Christopher Cummings with DRY24 immediately began to work on her home, doing close to $10,000 worth of labor, for free.

"These guys are pretty much a heaven-sent to me and I really appreciate them being here," Zapalla said.

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