• UNF poll shows Melissa Nelson has 32-point lead over Angela Corey in state attorney race

    By: Amber Krycka, Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A new poll suggests Angela Corey may be in trouble in her reelection bid for state attorney. Action News Jax went to the expert behind the poll to see what’s driving a dramatic change in political landscape.

    This is a dramatic change from that last poll, conducted in July, which showed challenger Melissa Nelson with a 10 point lead over Corey.

    “Thirty points is landslide territory. It’s very good news for the Nelson campaign,” said University of North Florida associate professor of political science Michael Binder.

    Binder said Nelson now has a 32-point lead over current 4th Circuit State Attorney Angela Corey; 52 percent to 20 percent. Voters were polled after the most recent debate, but before Angela Corey made this statement about the mother of a Jacksonville murder victim Wednesday morning on News 104.5 WOKV:

    “We give their feelings great weight, and we have done that with the very vocal Darlene Farah, who appears to be more interested in publicity than actually grieving for her daughter,” says Corey.

    Corey was being asked about accusations that state she seeks the death penalty too often, and of working with families of victims – like Darlene Farah, whose daughter was shot and killed at work. Farah opposed the death penalty and spoke with us Wednesday night about Corey’s comment.

    “She’s lashing out at me because she’s not doing so well with the campaign. But you know what, that’s not me that’s doing it to you. You’re doing it to yourself,” said Farah.

    Binder said Corey has faced a good deal of criticism of her handling of high profile cases, and that Nelson’s campaign has taken advantage of it.

    “They’ve had a great deal of endorsements, a lot of money, and because of that they have been able to run a very effective campaign,” says Binder. “I don’t want to say it’s absolutely over for Corey, it’s one poll. Other polls have had similar things, but I think she’s facing an uphill battle for sure."

    Corey sent Action News Jax a statement that says in part: “We put our faith in our supporters, the good people of Clay, Duval, and Nassau Counties, who trust and respect our brave first responders – our police and firefighters – who have endorsed our campaign unequivocally.”

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