UPS driver apologizes after woman takes picture of truck blocking handicapped spot

UPS truck blocks handicap spots

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — A local woman claims a UPS driver illegally blocked handicapped-accessible parking spots outside a business for several minutes.

"My mother is handicap, she's elderly, and they were blocking two spots," said Angela Kelly.

Two handicapped-accessible spots are right in front of Kelly's 83-year-old mother's doctors office in St. Augustine.

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Kelly took the picture of a UPS truck parked right in front of the two parking spaces.


"What gives a company, any company the right to take that right away from my mom, or any other handicap person?" said Kelly.

Kelly said she confronted two UPS employees when they returned to their truck, which she claims took several minutes.

"I said gentlemen, are you allowed to block, and before I could get anything else out he said yes we are allowed to," said Kelly.

Action News Jax contacted UPS and was sent this statement:

"We've identified the supervisor, who is contacting Angela with an apology. He's also volunteered to share this situation with our other employees in that center so they can learn from his experience."
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In the state of Florida, drivers can get a fine of up to $250 for parking in a handicapped-accessible spot. Kelly said her mom deserved that parking space.

"They took that right away from my mom and any other person that needed that spot," Kelly said.

UPS said its drivers are trained to follow all traffic laws, including where they park.