• Video: Shirtless, shoeless man seen on I-95 in Jacksonville driving a Harley with his feet


    A Jacksonville motorist posted video of a motorcycle rider steering the bike with his feet — at full speed — on I-95. 

    The woman said that the motorcycle rider passed her, even as her own car was going 60 mph. The rider didn’t have on a shirt -- or shoes. 

    The woman was driving on I-95 near JTB when she saw the man next to her on the bike. She told her son to grab her phone and take video. 

    "I passed him and couldn’t believe it, so I slowed down and my son took a short video and a picture of him," the driver said. "I slowed to about 50-60 mph [my son] took the video. 

    "He looked completely stable on the bike – like he’d done it a million times – not a care in the world. He seemed very confident in his ability."

    One Facebook commenter said: “Cool that he can do that, but completely reckless and irresponsible."  

    Another said: “I wonder how much that would cost him if he gets pulled over. He is putting more than his life in danger, so STUPID.” 

    Here’s the video: 

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