• Wedding ring lost at Orange Park Medical Center by employee, found nearly 10 years later

    By: Bridgette Matter , Action News Jax


    Brenda Glover, who works at Orange Park Medical Center, lost her wedding ring months after she was married while at work.

    Glover had slipped it in her pocket after washing her hands. When she pulled something else out of her pocket, the ring was flung into the air.


    “It flew across the room and hit the wall, and I heard it bounce,” Glover said.

    That was 10 years ago. 

    Her precious metal would stay in the file room, untouched for a decade and impossible to get to.

    The newlywed had to break the news to her husband that she lost the ring.

    “I was in tears 'cause I hated to have told my husband, 'The ring you put on my finger not too long ago, it's gone.'”

    But Glover held onto hope that one day, she would get it back.

    When construction began in the file room, she asked workers every day if they had found it.

    Spencer Duggan and construction crews who were working on the room kept an eye out for it.

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    “We made sure she got it. Ten years is a long time.” Duggan said.

    They returned the ring to Glover in perfect condition.

    “I said, 'Oh my, it’s my ring!' I said, 'I knew it was there!'”

    Glover plans to celebrate her 10-year anniversary with her husband and wedding ring. 

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