Who were the victims killed in the Jacksonville mass shooting?

Action News Jax has learned new details regarding the victims killed in a mass shooting Sunday at a Madden 19 Tournament in downtown Jacksonville.

GALLERY: Victims killed in Jacksonville Landing shooting

Gamers Eli Clayton and Taylor Robertson died during the shooting. A fellow gamer and alleged suspect, David Katz killed himself, police said,

At least nine others were injured during the incident.

Here's what we know:

Eli Clayton

Clayton was a 22-year-old from Woodland Hills, California. In an Instagram bio, he identified himself as a Madden Pro player. He gamed under the name Trueboy. In a social media post, Clayton posted about how excited he was to appear on ESPN and how it was a dream since he was 5 years old.

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Still got work to do.

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In February, Clayton wrote: "Madden has really changed my life and a game that I used to play for fun is now a big part of my life. Just so blessed to have an opportunity like this. Just such a crazy feeling knowing that tons of people log on and see my face on a Madden NFL game. Unreal."

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Based on several posts, Clayton appeared to be a Jacksonville Jaguars fan. In a post, he took a screenshot of himself in a Madden game as a Jaguars coach. In 2017, Clayton appeared alongside Jaguars' mascot Jaxson De Ville, holding a $3,500 check issued to him. He also played as the Jaguars during the 2017 Madden Tournament.

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Hey Auntie 👋

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Taylor Robertson 

Robertson was a 27-year-old of Ballard, West Virginia. A Facebook profile under the same name shows pictures of him posted in 2013, from a wedding, as well as a young boy in a cover photo. He identified himself as a father, husband and pro Madden player 4 on his Twitter account, @spotmeplzzz, and often tweeted about his family and son. He gamed under the name Spotmeplzzz. He was a Tennessee Titans fan.

In a Aug, 20 tweet, he wrote: "Excited for some live madden this weekend in Jacksonville. Time to chase that second belt."

Robertson died Aug. 26 -- exactly 3 months shy of what would have been his 28th birthday. on Nov. 26.

He and Clayton were Facebook friends.

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