• 'Whoever did this needs to pay:' Jacksonville father killed in hit and run

    By: Brittney Donovan , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE. Fla. - A Jacksonville family is calling for a hit-and-run driver to come forward after their loved one was killed.

    Troopers say Jim Canning, 64, was driving a scooter on Normandy Boulevard near McGirts Point Boulevard when a driver ran into him.

    He was thrown from the scooter and a second vehicle – a truck – ran over him, troopers say.

    “If you hit somebody just stop. It’s called an accident for a reason,” Jim Canning's son, Sean, said.

    His family told Action News Jax that Jim Canning loved his family more than anything.

    “We lost a great man. He was my everything,” his daughter, Dana Dittman, said. 
    Dittman was getting ready for her son’s fourth birthday party when a trooper came to her door. 

    “We were expecting him to come home after work to celebrate,” Dittman said. 

    A witness says the driver of the truck had short hair and a beard.

    Troopers believe he was driving a brown Chevy Z71 with a lift kit and all-terrain tires.

    “The guy was just so scared he was like, I have to get out of here. That’s understandable, but whoever you are, just let us know who you are,” Sean Canning said.

    He said he believes Florida Highway Patrol will catch the man.

    "He was too young," Dittman said. "But he’s in a better place and we’ll see him soon again."

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