Police: Woman confesses after trying to rob Jacksonville bank

A woman was arrested after she demanded money from a bank teller in Jacksonville on Friday, police said.

Jacqueline Gross, 56, was charged with armed robbery after she admitted to officers that she demanded money at Woodforest National Bank on Normandy Boulevard, police said.

Police said Gross walked into the bank around 2 p.m. and handed a bank teller a note.

She told the teller and the note read, "I have a gun. Give me all the cash. Don't make any sudden moves."

The teller said Gross had her right hand inside her purse suggesting that she had a gun.

The teller went to the safe and pushed an emergency alarm inside the vault.

She said Gross never showed her a weapon and she did not give her any money.

Officers arrested Gross inside the bank.

Gross told officers her husband was outside in the parking lot. He was detained.

They were taken to Jacksonville Sheriff's Office for interviews and Gross was charged with armed robbery after she confessed about what happened.

Gross told a detective that she was having thoughts about harming her husband, JSO said.

Jail staff was notified and she was booked into the Duval County Jail.

Police did not say if her husband was charged with a crime.