• Yulee moms say they were scammed by online leggings company

    By: Jenna Bourne , Action News Jax


    Action News Jax Investigates after several Yulee mothers contacted us saying they were scammed trying to make money to care for their kids.

    They became “brand ambassadors” for an online company called The Legging Loft.

    Those moms and other brand ambassadors said their orders are late, incomplete and not what was promised.

    Amy Ulman said she spent $400 on stock to sell to her customers, but only received two pairs of leggings.

    “Customers don’t want them. I can’t sell them,” said Ulman. “I mean, they’re defective. They have rips in them.”

    Ashley Dixon said The Legging Loft sounded like a good business opportunity.

    “Leggings are comfortable for all women of all sizes. And everybody wants them. And there’s a huge, big company out right now that some people just can’t seem to afford, so these seemed to be a little more affordable,” said Dixon.

    But the reality was very different.

    “Now my customers are really upset with me,” said Ulman.

    Ulman saved screen shots of complaints on The Legging Loft Brand Ambassadors Facebook group before they were deleted.

    One post said someone ordered 90 pairs of leggings and got eight.

    Another woman complained about “leggings not fitting and being see-through.”

    “Anytime you ask any questions about, 'Where’s my stuff?' 'You’re scamming me' or whatever, they delete you from the group,” said Ulman.

    “Be careful who you sign up with when it comes to online things. Do your research, because I did not,” said Dixon.

    Action News Jax messaged The Legging Loft on their website and on Twitter to get the company’s side of the story. No one has responded to our questions. 

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