Search begins for new Gators coach

GAINESVILLE, Fla. - "Ideally, we  would like to have someone in before Christmas but I don't want to be held to it," those are the words of University of Florida athletics director Jeremy Foley when asked about his timetable for getting a new football coach.

Foley, outgoing Gators coach Will Muschamp and President Dr. Bernie Machen  met with the media today at a news conference.

When asked what kind of coach he wanted to lead the Florida gators Foley said, "I've heard gator nation and I want someone who's had some success on the offensive side of the football."

He also said he understood the pressure of getting it right this time knowing what a responsibility it is to be the head coach at the University of Florida.

As for the man they referred to as coach boom around these parts, Will Muschamp said he had no bitter feelings and he understood the business side of things if you don't win you  don't hang around.

"We are going to go out and coach football for the next two weeks and try to get a couple of wins for this university and for our  players."

Muschamp said he will always be a Gator unless of course he's coaching on the opposition sidelines.

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