Cold Case: Investigators Seeking New Clues in 13 Year Old Disappearance

None — JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Investigators in Nassau County hope a new look at evidence from a missing person case turns up new clues.

Jackie Markham disappeared December 14, 2000 from her home in Callahan.

Investigators say there was little evidence left behind.

Family fears the worst.

"We know Jackie did not choose to go away.  Jackie is not hiding somehwere.  Jackie had nothing to run from," Todd Myrick, Jackie's son-in-law, says.  "Jackie met an ill fate."

Investigators tell Action News they are retesting evidence from the scene, and conducting new tests on additional evidence.

Detective Jeff Stull thinks the new tests will point to a person of interest, someone already investigated in the case.

"I do believe there was some jealousy spurned. There was some arguments between her and Archie Carroll," Stull said.

"From what I understand, he's very demanding.  He shows up unannounced.  Some of the past girlfriends we've spoken to, he's made threats to," Stull said.

Investigators say Jackie Markham went to a drug store in Callahan on December 14, 2000.

Her car was found the next day inside her garage, with medicine she purchased still in the passenger seat.

At the time, investigators found no evidence of foul play.

They found her purse 15 miles away near Jaxport.

Archie Carroll told investigators Jackie called him the night she vanished.  Carroll claims Jackie was upset about a friend being drunk at her hom.

Carroll says he stayed the night at her home waiting on her, but Jackie never returned.

He called to report Markham missing the following day.

Carroll spoke with Action News over the phone, but was not willing to go on camera.   He says he is innocent and does not know what happened to Jackie Markham.

Investigators plan to interview Carroll after finishing their tests in Markham's home.

Jackie's family just wants answers as to where Jackie is today.