• Florida Highway Patrol cruiser catches fire after 142 mph chase

    By: Jared Leone, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    A Florida Highway Patrol car caught on fire after a trooper reached speeds of 142 mph while pursuing a speeding driver.

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    The video released Tuesday is from April 29, and shows the trooper make a U-turn through a highway median to chase a Toyota RAV4 speeding in the opposite direction.

    In it, the trooper, who has not been identified, can be seen weaving through traffic at well over 110 mph, using the shoulder to get around other drivers and eventually catching up to the RAV4, which pulls over in the grassy median.

    “I don’t recommend doing that -- what I just did,” the trooper can be heard saying in the video. “But I don’t do it that so often, so.”

    He then smells smoke and reverses the cruiser as flames begin to appear atop the dry grass.

    “I think my car is trying to catch on fire,” the trooper says.

    The trooper gets out with a fire extinguisher before calling for help.

    “My car’s catching on fire,” he says.

    As plumes of smoke begin to billow he tells the driver he pulled over to leave.

    “Go, go, go,” he says.

    The driver had been pulled over for going an estimated 90 mph, according to Jalopnik.

    The Florida Highway Patrol did not comment to Fox News about the incident.

    This is not the first video showing a lead-footed trooper.

    A trooper was fired in July after a video surfaced in February that showed him racing a Lamborghini on the highway, WBBH reported.

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