Starbucks barista asks Tempe officers to leave because customer felt unsafe, police say

TEMPE, Ariz. — Six Arizona police officers reportedly were asked to leave a Starbucks in Tempe by a barista because a customer felt uncomfortable, KNXV reported.

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The six officers from the Tempe Police Department were at the Starbucks on Thursday, the television station reported. According to the Tempe Officers Association, the officers paid for their drinks and were standing together inside the coffee shop, according to KNXV.

According to the Tempe Officers Association, a barista told the officers they were making a customer "feel uncomfortable," the television station reported. The officers allegedly were asked to either move out of the customer's sight or leave, KNXV reported.

The officers left, the television station reported.

The actions of the barista did not sit well with the Tempe Officers Association, which tweeted its displeasure.

"Don't appreciate @Starbucks asking our cops to leave your establishment on the ," the organization tweeted, using the hashtag #ZeroRespect. The tweet included a "Dump Starbucks" logo.

Reggie Borges, a spokesman with Starbucks, spoke by telephone to KTVK and said customers visiting the coffee shop should "feel welcomed and embraced."

"We have reached out to the Tempe police department to try to better understand what took place and apologize for any misunderstandings or inappropriate behavior that may have taken place," Borges told the television station.

"It is too early to say what type of ramifications employees will face, if any. But we want it to be known that everyone who walks into our store should feel welcomed and embraced and to have the best Starbucks experience," Borges told KTVK. "When that doesn't happen, that is not indicative of the kind of welcoming environment that we want to provide."