Tattoo artist offers free removal of hateful ink

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DUBUQUE, Iowa — An Iowa tattoo artist normally inks his clients. But he’s offering a new service to help people who have tattoos that they regret.

Not an ex's name, not just a badly drawn image, but Robert Bader's going to offer people with racist images or designs with hate speech or gang activity free removal of those tattoos, the Quad-City Times reported.

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Bader, who owns The Crow's Nest Tattoo Studio, says that while the ink may be permanent, the person's viewpoints from when they have the tattoos done can change.

"A lot of people don't have the means to get it removed or to travel to do that," Bader told the Times. "We've had to turn them away."

But not anymore. Bader’s added laser tattoo removal equipment to his business. He will now be able to offer free removals to anyone who wants to get rid of a tattoo that is related to gangs, hate speech or racism.

He told the paper that it is another step in removing hate from the world.

"It's basically good versus evil," Bader told the Times.

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