Teacher accused of sexually assaulting special-education student appears in court

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — A former teacher who reportedly has confessed to having sex with one of her students "a handful of times" between December 2016 and April 2017 appeared in a Bridgeport, Connecticut, court Tuesday to be arraigned on charges of sexual assault.

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According to the New Haven Register, 31-year-old Laura Ramos, a married mother of a young child, was a special-education teacher at Central High School but resigned after she was arrested.

Ramos' husband went to the courthouse with his wife, sat with her before her name was called and then left with her, the Register reported.

Police said Ramos' illicit relationship with an 18-year-old student began over text and turned physical in the back of her car, according to the arrest warrant.

A witness who texted with the teacher said, “Ms. Ramos would complain that her ‘man’ or ‘guy’ does not want to have sex or do anything with her," police said.

It’s not clear if this was referring to the husband or the student.

"Witness 1 noticed the victim would hang out in Ms. Ramos' class and ... would watch them make eyes at each other, like flirting," police documents say.

Authorities said Ramos initially denied that anything inappropriate took place, then admitted she talked with the 18-year-old student believed to have been involved. She later told investigators, “You’re not going to be happy with what you find on my phone," according to the documents.

Ramos has a plea hearing scheduled for July 25.