Teacher creates 'no-homework' homework policy

A Texas teacher’s homework policy is gaining traction on the internet.

Samantha Gallagher shared an image of a note that her daughter's teacher gave students, establishing the class homework policy.

"After much research this summer, I am trying something new. Homework will only consist of work that your student did not finish during the school day. There will be no formally assigned homework this year," teacher Brandy Young wrote.

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The teacher did have some instruction for students, and their parents, outside the classroom:

"Research has been unable to prove that homework improves students performances. Rather, I ask that you spend your evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success. Eat dinner as a family, read together, play outside, and get your child to bed early."

Gallagher's post, with the comment, "Brooke loves her new teacher already," quickly went viral since she shared it Aug. 16. It was also posted to Reddit on Sunday.

"I have been attempting to track the feedback as best I can but the response is so overwhelming I can't keep up," Gallagher wrote in a comment on the post. "It is very nice to know how many parents and teachers are supportive of the concept. Also, it is interesting to read about the amount of homework a lot of children are being given on a daily basis."

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