WATCH: High school softball team loses championship while they celebrate

In sports, the worst-case scenario is always a possibility. But in Texas, members of the Wylie High School softball team probably never could have imagined what happened during a district championship game.

Wylie had a 6-2 lead over McKinney North High entering the bottom of the seventh inning in their April 22 game, Campus Rush reports.

McKinney then scored two runs in the inning, closing the gap to 6-4. Then they loaded the bases, and with two outs, they were one out away from elimination.

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A routine ground ball to the shortstop seemed to end it. The Wylie player picked up the grounder and flipped it to second base for the apparent out, triggering the team's celebration of the district championship.

But, not so fast.

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The runner at second was never called out, and McKinney’s players continued to circle the bases. The Wylie team celebrated before realizing the runner was not called out and the game wasn't over. They scrambled for the ball but by that time three runs had scored, ending the game with a victory for McKinney.

The Wylie team looked on in shock.

It was a sports memory neither team likely will ever forget.

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