Woman found living with her dead sister for at least 5 months

LA PINE, Ore. — An Oregon woman died of natural causes five months ago, but her caregiver neglected to notify anyone and instead lived with her remains until authorities discovered the body.

The La Pine Fire Department responded last week to a report of a woman who had fallen off her porch and needed medical attention. When medics arrived, they became concerned about the victim's conditions and contacted the Deschutes County Sherriff's department to conduct a welfare check.

"Medics became concerned about her living conditions, due to foul odors and the collection of garbage in the home," sheriff's Lt. Chad Davis told KTVZ.

The injured woman, identified as Elizabeth Freise, was questioned at the hospital and she admitted that her older sister had died in the home in November.

"She was...became fearful, didn't know what to do and started drinking and just left her sister there," Detective John Bocciolatt told CNN.

Freise lived in the home as a caregiver for her older sister who apparently suffered from a long-term illness that left her bedridden.

A search warrant was obtained, and several feral cats were found as well as many deceased cats and garbage on the floor.