25 Great Danes rescued from a hoarding situation in Idaho

LEWISTON, Idaho — 25 Great Danes were rescued from a hoarding situation at an Idaho home earlier this month.

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A news release from the Idaho Animal Rescue Network stated that 25 fully grown Great Dane dogs were removed from a hoarding situation over a period of days in Lewiston, Idaho.

The Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Office requested IARN’s help to remove 13 Great Danes that the owner decided to surrender. When they were there, multiple other Great Danes at the house but the owner did not want NPCSO or IARN to enter the house, according to IARN.

NPCSO said in a news release that the owner was identified as Christine Laliberte. Deputies along with IARN returned to the house on August 3 with a search warrant. When they got inside, deputies were overtaken by a strong smell of ammonia. The Lewiston Fire Department was contacted and helped to remove the Great Danes while using air tanks.

According to IARN, fire crews and deputies had to wear full hazmat suits and gear to get the dogs out.

IARN said that 12 additional fully grown Great Danes were found inside the house, bringing the total to 25 dogs.

The dogs have been receiving treatment from local veterinarians for a variety of medical issues and injuries. IARN said that rescue volunteers have been able to take care of the dogs in shifts by watching them, giving them baths, changing their food, water and bedding, and socializing with them.

NPCSO said that Laliberte was charged with 12 counts of animal cruelty.

To make a donation to IARN, learn more about the rescue or the nonprofit, or find out when the dogs are available for adoption, visit IARN’s website.

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