3 puppies from Texas shelter adopted by 3 members of Tyler Childers’ road crew


CHICAGO — Three puppies who were ticketed for euthanasia last week now have a new lease on life -- and new homes.

The dogs were in a Texas shelter last week, but One Tail at a Time, the Chicago-based organization that works to save animals, brought them north to the Windy City, WLS-TV reported.

The organization brought the pups to the Tyler Childress concert at the United Center on June 13, and three road crew members for the country singer-songwriter fell in love, according to the television station.

The three roadies adopted the cute puppies, WLS reported.

“Last night the puppies were invited to the Tyler Childers and SG Goodman show at the United Center by our friends at Live Nation Concerts,” One Tail at a Time wrote in a Facebook post. “Their goal was to give the hard-working road crew a little bit of levity and love.

“We certainly did that, but what we didn’t expect was all three puppies being adopted by members of Tyler’s road crew! Congrats to Tyler and Larry, Kyle and Cheryl, and Suzanne and Ted. We couldn’t be happier for these little road dogs!”

“It truly takes a village to change their lives,” the organization wrote on Facebook.

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