3 self-described ‘boogaloo’ followers arrested in plan to disrupt Black Lives Matter demonstration in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — Three self-described “boogaloo” members were arrested after planning an attack to incite violence at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Las Vegas, federal investigators said Wednesday.

According to federal investigators, Stephen T. Parshall, Andrew Lynam and William L. Loomis planned to bomb a power substation in an effort “to incite chaos and possibly a riot” at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in May, ABC News reported.

“Violent instigators have hijacked peaceful protests and demonstrations across the country, including Nevada, exploiting the real and legitimate outrage over (George Floyd's) death for their own radical agendas,” U.S. Attorney Nicholas A. Trutanich said in a statement. “Law enforcement is focused on keeping violence and destruction from interfering with free public expression and threatening lives.”

The term “boogaloo” is used by an extremist movement to signify a coming civil war. Parshall, 40, served in the Navy, Lynam, 23, is a member of the United States Army Reserve; and Loomis, 40 served in the Air Force, ABC News reported.

The men met at Nevada rallies protesting the state’s stay-at-home orders in April and May, ABC News reported.

Lyman and Parshall had first planned an attack to use fireworks and smoke bombs to instigate a confrontation between police and protesters at a May 19 Reopen Nevada rally, ABC News reported. The two reconsidered after there was a large police presence at the event.

Although they were not able to carry out their plan that day, they did meet Loomis, who shared their beliefs.

The three were at a Black Lives Matter demonstration Friday but the event did not turn violent. Parshall was upset by this and the men planned to meet again the next day at another Black Lives Matter protest. A confidential informant was also in on the plans, ABC News reported.

The group met before the protest. The informant brought along an undercover FBI agent. Parshall, Lynam and Loomis prepared Molotov cocktails for a possible attack.

The three were arrested and charged with conspiracy to damage and destroy by fire and explosive and possession of unregistered firearms, prosecutors said.

Investigators seized guns, ammunition, fireworks, accelerant, rags and glass bottles, ABC News reported.