Coronavirus: Rhode Island hospitals play ‘Rocky’ theme for discharged COVID-19 patients

Coronavirus patients discharged from Rhode Island hospitals are getting an inspirational sendoff.

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As patients leave the halls of Lifespan hospitals, the theme song from “Rocky” blares over the loudspeakers. The opening trumpet notes from Bill Conti’s song, officially titled “Gonna Fly Now" and a staple in the “Rocky” movies that starred Sylvester Stallone, gives patients a happy farewell.

“We talked about which songs to play, ‘Here Comes the Sun,’ a variety of others, but people liked the idea of playing ‘Rocky,’” John Murphy, the president of Rhode Island and Hasbro Children’s Hospital, told WJAR. “It lifts everybody’s day when they’re walking down the hallway and they hear that go off.”

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Murphy said more patients are being released daily; the number reached 280 on Friday. Before they are discharged, patients are offered the chance to hear the song, the television station reported.

“Right now, at Rhode Island hospitals, we have about 15 or more discharges a day and then another five (to) 10 at the other hospitals Miriam and Newport,” Murphy told WJAR. “So, over the loudspeaker comes 10 seconds of this music.”

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Murphy said the music injects a positive spirit for those patients battling the coronavirus.

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“They’re sitting in bed sick and they’re hearing about a patient going home and it gives them hope,” Murphy told WJAR. “People stop whatever they’re doing and put their thumbs up and they’re so happy to know that somebody is going home.”

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