FBI find guns, grenade, dead bald eagle during search of Ohio man’s house

ROGERS, Ohio — Surveillance video of a man using a leaf blower with a shotgun slung across his shoulder led investigators to seize more than 20 guns, a grenade and a taxidermized bald eagle from a felon prohibited from possessing firearms.

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FBI investigators got a warrant Oct. 23 to search the home of Theodore Lutton, who was convicted in 1992 in federal court for possession with intent to distribute marijuana, WKBN reported. Because of the conviction, Lutton is not allowed to own or possess firearms.

Before searching the home, FBI agents conducted surveillance. They identified Lutton, 59, from an image taken Oct. 27 outside of his home as the man blowing leaves with a shotgun, WFMJ reported.

On Oct. 30, agents searched the home. They found 20 guns, blasting caps, a grenade, three bulletproof vests, a large firework with screws attached to it and a dead bald eagle, WKBN reported.

Lutton was not there during the search but his wife was. She told investigators she did not want the guns in the house. She also told them Lutton was at his mother’s house in Sharon.

Agents went to the home and found a vehicle registered to Lutton in the driveway. He came out without incident and talked to investigators about the weapons they found.

“I, as an American citizen, am not allowed to have firearms?” Lutton said, according to investigators.

Agents then searched that home and discovered two rifles, a handgun and a digital scale with residue believed to be from crack cocaine or heroin.

Lutton was arrested and charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.