Florida restaurant declares itself ‘safe haven’ for police

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. — A Florida restaurant has declared itself a "safe haven" for law enforcement officials.

“To all police officers, Sheriff deputies, marshall, or any law enforcement officer, The Local Fresh Grill will always be a safe haven for you, a place where you can come and enjoy your lunch knowing that I have your back,” owners wrote on social media. “You will always be shown the respect you deserve. Not all of us are fooled by all this propaganda and media (exaggerations). We know that the majority of you are good people and put your (lives) on the line every day for us.”

Owners of The Local Fresh Grill already give authorities 10% off, WFLA reported.

The owner said he is having window decals made for other restaurants as well.

“Friends in uniform, if your back is ever against the wall near The Local Fresh Grill, I need you to know that you can duck in our restaurant for safety,” the owner said on social media. “We’ll lock the doors, help you defend yourselves, or anything you need; just take it for granted that we have your back. And this also applies to everyone out there. Black, white, or any other color, if you need us, we are there.”

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