‘Imma off both of them’: Woman threw two babies to the ground, deputies say

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida woman is facing charges after allegedly throwing two young children to the ground during an argument.

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Deputies with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office were called to a home Dec. 10 for a report of a woman abusing a child, WKRG reported.

Joseph Sanders told police he drove to Trinity Crenshaw’s home after an argument, WEAR reported. When Sanders arrived, Crenshaw allegedly walked out of the home with a child in each arm and then threw both children to the ground. Detectives said that Sanders picked the children up and met up with another man, who brought the babies to the hospital.

Detectives obtained screenshots between Sanders and Crenshaw, in which Crenshaw said, “Imma off both of em,” and “Im done with u you n ur babies,” WKRG reported.

Both babies, whose ages were not disclosed, were described by hospital staff as “hypothermic,” and one had visible injuries to her face and her chest, according to a police report obtained by WEAR.

Crenshaw arrived at a hospital emergency room with a split lip, deputies said, which resulted in Sanders’ arrest on charges of battery in a domestic violence situation, according to WKRG.

Crenshaw was taken to the Escambia County Jail, where online records show she is charged with cruelty toward children.