James Webb Space Telescope photos shows looming death of star

The James Webb Space Telescope has produced some amazing photographs and the latest release is just as spectacular.

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NASA released a photo at South by Southwest on Tuesday that shows a star that is in the prelude to a supernova, The Associated Press reported.

The star is about 15,000 light years away, with a light year measuring about 5.8 trillion miles. It is in the Sagitta constellation and is officially named WR 124.

It isn’t small either, measuring about 30 times the size of our sun and has produced enough pieces equaling about 10 suns, NASA said.

The star was captured by the Hubble Space Telescope years ago but looked like a fireball at the time. Now the Webb photo shows the star glowing purple with the AP describing it like a cherry blossom with cast-off material making up the outer layer of the celestial body. When the dust comes off the star, infrared light makes it glow which can be seen by the Webb telescope, NASA said.

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