Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl rings marred by typo

Kansas City — Everybody needs a good copy editor — even companies that make $40,000 Super Bowl rings.

The Kansas City Chiefs received their Super Bowl rings in a recent ceremony. The massive rings came complete with 529 diamonds, 38 rubies, and one embarrassing typo, according to CBS News.

The Chiefs beat Miami in the first round of the NFL playoffs on the way to becoming the first team in 19 years to win a second-straight Super Bowl title. The ring listed the Dolphins as a seventh seed, though they were sixth. Nobody noticed until sharp-eyed fans caught the error once a photo of the rings was posted on the Chiefs website, USA Today reported.

Star tight end Travis Kelce — the one dating Taylor Swift had a hilarious comment that seemed to sum up the team’s reaction.

“Who gives a (expletive)?” the outspoken Kelce said on his New Heights podcast (editor’s note: lots of other expletives included).

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