Lawyer dies after he is shot by gun that was triggered by MRI scanner

A lawyer in Brazil has died weeks after a gun he carried into a room with an MRI machine discharged when the device was turned on, according to the news outlet Folha De S.Paulo

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Leandro Mathias de Novaes had accompanied his mother to get an MRI scan at a facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Jan. 16, and took a handgun into the room, carrying it in his waistband.

According to officials, both the attorney and his mother were told to remove any metal object they had before entering the room because of the machine’s powerful magnetic field. Officials at the facility say they did not know that de Novaes had taken the gun into the room.

When the machine was turned on, the magnetic force pulled de Novaes’ gun from his waistband and it discharged, the bullet striking him in the abdomen.

De Novaes was an advocate of gun ownership and encouraged people on TikTok and Instagram to purchase and collect weapons.

De Novaes was taken to a hospital after he was shot where he died of his injuries last week.

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