Liam, Olivia repeat as top baby names

Liam and Olivia repeated as the most common baby names in the U.S., and Theodore joined the top 10 for the first time. But apparently, parents of newborns don’t talk about Bruno.

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The names are part of the Social Security Administration’s annual list that tracks baby names given to boys and girls in every state, with names dating to 1880. The data is based on applications for Social Security cards, according to The Associated Press.

The current list was released on Friday. Social Security began compiling the baby name list in 1997.

Liam was the top name among newborn boys for the fifth straight year, while Olivia has been No. 1 among girls for three consecutive years.

Liam has been in the top 10 annually since 2012, while Olivia has been in the top 10 every year since 2001.

The only new entry in the top 10 was Theodore, which came in at No. 10. James and William switched places, with James taking over the No. 5 position while William dropped one spot to No. 5.

For boys, Noah remained at No. 2 for the fifth consecutive year. It topped the list for four straight years before being supplanted by Liam in 2017. Before becoming the top name for girls in 2019, Olivia was No. 2 behind Emma for five consecutive years.

And Bruno? The name did improve somewhat, rising from No. 710 in 2020 to No. 664 in 2021.

Here are the most popular names:

Top 10 male names of 2021

  • 1. Liam
  • 2. Noah
  • 3. Oliver
  • 4. Elijah
  • 5. James
  • 6. William
  • 7. Benjamin
  • 8. Lucas
  • 9. Henry
  • 10. Theodore

Top 10 female names of 2021

  • 1. Olivia
  • 2. Emma
  • 3. Charlotte
  • 4. Amelia
  • 5. Ava
  • 6. Sophia
  • 7. Isabella
  • 8. Mia
  • 9. Evelyn
  • 10. Harper