LLWS: Little League batter comforts pitcher who hit him with ball

Two teens competing in the regional championships of the Little League World Series could teach adults a thing or two.

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Isaiah Jarvis, who plays for the Oklahoma team, was hit by a pitch in the head Tuesday during the finals of the Southwest Region game held in Waco, Texas, KOKI reported.

Texas East pitcher Kaiden Shelton had an 0-2 count when he threw the fastball that hit Isaiah in the head, sending his helmet flying as the batter fell to the ground holding his head.

Isaiah was able to take his base but then went to comfort the pitcher, who was also visibly shaken by the errant throw.

The crowd gave the show of sportsmanship a standing ovation.

In the end, Texas East beat Oklahoma 9-4 for the Southwest Region title punching their ticket to Williamsport and the Little League World Series.

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